Post-celebration of San Juan at Bungan-bungan Cold Spring.

Filipinos are well-known because of their trademark of being hospitable and through their cultural celebrations and other religious events that all Filipinos are celebrated eventually. One of this is the celebration of feast of Saint John the Baptist to reminisced the baptismal ceremony of Saint John to Jesus Christ. Every 24th of June, we are celebrating this through “Basaan” as our way to glorify this event. We also take this as an opportunity to have a quality time with our families and relatives.

“Bungan-bungan Cold Spring: Where water is as cold as your ex. “

Bungan-bungan Cold Spring is one of the numerous cold springs that can be found in the Municipality of Nabas that caters hundreds of both of tourists and locals daily. A right place to unwind because of its cold water and peaceful ambiance. This cold spring is located in the secluded area of Brgy. Laserna, Nabas, Aklan.

According to Mary Grace Saligumba (a local from Brgy. Laserna) -this cold spring is unexpectedly discover by a local of Brgy. Laserna. Because of its natural terrain and peaceful ambiance they developed and open this to public last March 2017. Since then, hundreds of tourist has been recorded who visited the said place. There is no any fees, all you need to do is to rent a cottage that ranges from 100 up to 200 pesos. It varies on its size and location. 

BSHRM3-A at Bungan-bungan Cold Spring

Mary Grace, Whine and Dexter planned for our outing and they suggested to us to celebrate the San Juan in this cold spring. Together with my BSHRM3-A family. We prefer to celebrate this occasion after a day in Bungan-bungan Cold Spring to avoid from multiple number of people who also celebrates the San Juan celebration. 

6 hours of Enjoyment

  • Walk- From Brgy. Laserna covered court, our group walked about more than 15 minutes to reach the said place.
  • Eat- our celebration wouldn’t be complete without spoiling our tastebuds with great foods prepared by Angelica, Lovely and Guia. Boodle fight is always the best way of eating in this kind of environment. The banana leaves on our table are filled with steamed-rice, pancit (pinoy noddles recipe), hotdogs wrapped with lumpia wrapper and fried eggs. 
  • Drink- We spoiled our throat by drinking juices and liqours on our glass that are mixed and prepared by Euchien and Dexter. Ice cubes are not needed. Just put your bottled drinks in the water and wait until it becomes cold. 
  • Pose- This spring gives you a 360° naturalistic views.  Sceneries that are perfect for your facebook and instagram updates. All you need to do is grab your camera and project in front of it. 
  • Swim- Indulge yourself with the perfect coldness of Bungan-bungan Cold Spring. A perfect water temperature to relax and free yourself from stress by soaking on its cold water

All of us have its own ways in celebrating this religious celebration where we honor and glorify St. John because of his  huge contribution in the biblical history of our Savior. We, as a believer- we must always put in our heart of what is this real essence of this celebration. VIVA SAN JUAN BAUTISTA. 


TAKE THE RISK. Guoew-an it Ilig-iligan.

Who would have thought that Boracay has a place for those who love risky adventures like rock climbing and cliff diving? Yes, there is. It can be the Boracay version of Ariel’s Point of Buruanga, Aklan or Kuding-kuding Cave of Carabao Island, Romblon.

Locals of Brgy. Yapak,  usually call this as Guoew-an it Ilig-iligan. Which means an end-point of Ilig-iligan wherein numerous of underwater caves can be found. It is located in the end-point of Ilig-iligan with approximate lenght of half of kilometer away from the shoreline of Ilig-iligan Beach. 

It may test your mental alertness and physical endurance because of its challenging terrain. Sharp rocks, high cliffs and strong sea current are more than enough to define this place risky and unsafe. Despite of those facts, Guoew-an can still give satisfaction to those who are willing to take the risk. 

Challenges of Guoew-an.

It’s not easy for an ordinary individual to reach this spot. He must be alert and careful every seconds in a minute in order to avoid any accidents. He should be:

A good swimmer. The strong sea current may cause drowning if you don’t know how to deal with it. 

Brave.  He is able to see some underwater caves and high cliffs. He must brave enough to face his fears. 

Animal-friendly. The spot serves as a habitat for different aquatic animals such as fishes, crabs, sea urchins and sea snakes. Make sure that you won’t do any distractions.

Careful.  One wrong move may cause danger. Always ensure your safety. 

4 things to do in Guoew-an.

1. Snorkeling

Gueow-an is rich in different marine animals. With the use of goggle, you are able to see everything under the water such as fishes and small caves. 

2. Cliff Diving

Conquer your acrophobia (fear of height) by jumping in different cliffs of Guoew-an. It will blow your mind after jumping on its cliffs with approximate high of 3 meters up to 15 meters above the sea level.  

3. Rock Climbing

Test your stamina by climbing on different high-cliffs of Gueow-an. It will surely test your physical endurance. Never forgot to apply extra effort and care in doing this activity for your own safety. 

4.  Take a Selfie

Every moments must be captured. Bring your camera and smile in order to create a good photograph. 

Striking view of Gueow-an. 

Gueow-an gives an “instagramable” view that feeds your eye with satisfaction and relaxation. It gives 360° naturalistic view wherein you can enjoy. 

Gueow-an it Ilig-iligan

View of Carabao Island


View of Ilig-iligan Beach

ALBUM (June 04, 11 & 12, 2017)

Private Paradise; San Toyo Beach, Boracay

June 05, 2017 – I am bored and looking for something to do just to kill my time. Because of boredomness, I decided to go in San Toyo Beach (a private beach next to Ilig-iligan Beach). This beach is owned by a private individual (I’m not sure)  that is why this beach never had the chance to introduce to the public.  San Toyo Beach is a real definition of paradise for me. White sand,  calm and cool water and it’s peaceful environment attract me to go there. This beach is rich in sea corals that serve as a habitat for different marine animals. 


It’s not easy to be there, you must physically and mentally ready. You need to climb a rock (espicially when the ocean is not calm) or swim if you prefer and you’re brave enough to swim with some sea snakes nearby.  HAHAHAHA 

At first,  I do rock climbing. 

Since it was low tide.  I decided to walk. Along the way, you will able to see this open cave. It serves as a habitat for some small birds. I climbed up.

I took this photo above the cave. And finally, I’m almost there.  😍

“Who says that this beach is private? Solong-solo ko ‘to. ” A line that came out on my mouth the moment I stepped on its white sand.

I guess this is the right time to take selfies. HAHAHAHA.  

View of San Toyo Beach, Boracay. 

I’ve been here for many times.  There is no changes, no distractions. I’m glad that it’s the same as before.  I am hoping that this beach will last forever. 

On the other side of Puka Beach, Boracay.

June 06, 2017 – I was surprised with the panoramic view of this beach located in the end point of Puka Beach (right side), Brgy. Yapak,  Boracay Island . Though,  this is not my first time to visit this place,  still I was amazed with it’s perfect white sand and crystal clear water. There’s a lot of things to do here. A perfect place for those who wants to unwind, looking for a peaceful place in the island and of course for those who loves to take selfie. 

How to get there? 

For walk-in tourist – from the entrance of Puka Beach.  You need to walk more than a half hour (to right side) . I suggest to bring your own water on tumbler (avoid bottled water).  For sure,  you will dehydrated.  HAHAHAHA. You can also go there with the use of motor-bangka. There’s a lot of restaurants along the way where you can eat delicious foods at reasonable prices. 

When is the perfect time to go? 

When the weather is calm.  There is no specific season. As long as the wave and weather is calm. You can go there any time at your convenience.

Important things to bring? 

  • Camera
  • Water (on tumbler) 
  • Foods
  • Sunscreen
  • Goggles
  • Garbage bag (for your waste materials) 

Just a piece of advice. Make sure that the cleanliness is well-maintained. Be a responsible tourist in visiting this paradise.   💖